Liga Națională (Romanian League) 2018/2019

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Re: Liga Națională (Romanian League) 2018/2019

Postby mikh » Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:54 pm

So, 2 thoughts here:
- the final-final-final promotion tournament actually featured a lot of drama, with Mioveni being genuinely competitive: drew with Cluj, won heavily vs. Mures and lost only by 1 to Slatina. So mea culpa for thinking their presence there makes no sense;
- Cluj and Slatina played an awfully fixed match! Bare in mind Slatina beat them in both matches this season and looked solid even in matches against Euro cup teams, including a hell of a fight they put up in Valcea in the game that eventually sealed the title for the latter. Slatina lead throughout most of the game vs. Cluj, but found themselves overturned in the last 15 mins and performed ridiculously bad in the last 10: slow attacks, players not even trying to create something, veeeeery relaxed defence!

But don't take my word, judge for yourselves! Here's the video:
What happened was truly shameful, especially for a team with a good local image (Cluj) and I suppose it will only delay the inevitable for 1 more year.

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Re: Liga Națională (Romanian League) 2018/2019

Postby Silviu » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:59 pm

^ I will give it a try this afternoon, thank you for posting the link!


@mimi (if she's still around) @all,

1) Any official news about where is Bazaliu heading to? Is Brăila confirmed?
2) Two left-backs + one right-back + one pivot are leaving Brașov but who's joining?
3) Two right-backs + one center-back are leaving Craiova, only one right-back is joining? What about Željka Nikolić, will she stay for one more season?
4) Lots of important players are leaving Zalău for various reasons, who is going to replace them?
5) Where is Luciana (Marin) Popescu heading to? I heard her husband too is leaving Minaur so that might be a hint... :-k
6) Any ideas on the future clubs for Marija Gedroit, Adriana Medveďová, Paula Ungureanu, Raluca Irimia, Paula García Ávila?

Thank you in advance for any update.

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